RRR Radiothon 2023 is here!

RRR200%20Radiothon%202023%20-%20Website%20BG%20-%20FA--sml This year we are proud to be sponsoring a business subscriber prize. Triple R is a community radio station broadcasting from Naarm / Melbourne. We have great community radio in Melbourne and we are passionate about supporting this station as it supports local musicans, artists and all other manner of diverse local cultures. For more about Triple R and this year's Radiothon follow this link. Awesome artwork by Tai Snath. For more about our prize see below.

The prize

The winner selects one website they own or control and we will work with them to optimise it's web performance and speed and to reduce it's carbon footprint. After this the site will perform better, have a better visitor experience and produce less carbon per visit.

What is web performance optimisation?

Website performance is used to describe how fast a website loads and how fast it becomes usable for a visitor. Web peformance optimisation is a process taken to improve the web performance of a site.

Why do this?

A site's loading speed and usability are fundamental to a visitors experience. Improving these can improve the website's return-on-investment (ROI) by,

  • increasing visitor engagement (length of time spent on a site)
  • reducing bounce rate (whether a visitor waits for the site to fully load and whether they visit other pages)
  • and can help to improve SEO (Google prefers faster sites)

Website carbon footprint

The Internet as a global whole generates a huge amount of carbon, from near 4% in 2020 to an estimated 8% in 2025 and is still accelerating. For context in 2016 global aviation emissions were near 2%. This covers servers, networks, devices as well as the embodied energy from manufacturing and end-of-life for the hardware that connects us together. And while our websites may, individually, only be a small contributor to this, they do contribute and we can, and should, work to reduce the carbon they emit. Fortunately in many cases there are multiple ways that a sites carbon footprint can be reduced. And, importantly, be reduced in ways that will not affect either the look or functionality of the site.

Web performance optimisation and website carbon

As well this, web performance and website carbon are linked, so that many of the steps taken to improve a site's web performance will also contribute to reducing it's carbon footprint.

The process after the prize

Let's talk websites,

  • we will analyse and report on your chosen site, what is the current performance and carbon footprint
  • then we can have a discussion on what can be done to improve these
  • agree on the work to be done
  • do the work

For curious others

We are committed to a speedy, low-carbon and ethical internet and would love to talk to you about a web project or site you have in mind. We are also currently offering free basic reports for anyone interested in assessing their site's performance and carbon footprint. If this sounds good to you, get in touch with us at or call Rob on 0422 521 211.