Rob has been designing, developing and running web sites since 2008 and has worked with Wordpress, Joomla and Grav CMS systems. Today he is platform agnostic; he is interested in building great looking, functional and low-carbon web sites using the latest sustainable web design practices. neture.org is based in Melbourne, Australia. I work globally.

As our use of digital tools and online lives increase, carbon emissions from these practices also increase and it is important that these are reduced where we can. We believe it is a great time to use sustainable design practices to enable the emergence of a low-carbon internet and we're excited to see where this leads. As part of this we are committed to a safe and sustainable future for humans and all other planetary life forms.

We are also starting work on experimental, local and regenerative projects that we hope will reconnect the digital and physical and would love to hear from anyone interested in, or already doing, this type of work.