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»neture.org« [ ˈnɛtʃə –  dɒt –  ôrg ] n

This website is run by Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier (“Brüggemeier”). It showcases selected examples of my art works or projects I have been involved in — either as a single “author” or in collaboration with others.

Coming from a Media Arts background this website was started to investigate “the networked experience of the living & imaginary worlds around us. As Arthur Rimbaud expressed in his famous words »I is another« (»je est un autre«), »neture« started out to explore the spatial, political and poetic dimension of those words.

Currently most of the work being presented here stems from the realm of: Art / Curating  / Project networks: media production & research

Beyond the usual technicality of media work today, I like to connect the idea of »neture« with Anthony Dunne’s observation that “the twentieth century has seen space evolve into a complex soup of electromagnetic radiation.” I am particularly enthusiastic about sound and radio waves  as they keep unfolding endlessly into outer space. Something that is echoed in some of the works presented here.

…. and this how this how »neture« initially begun.

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graphics: Daniel Guischard, nEture catalogue