"For any physical entity in a finite environment, perpetual growth is impossible. Ultimately, the choice is not to grow forever but to decide what limits to live in."
-- Donella H. Meadows, Thinking in Systems

"1Gb = 1kW = 680g CO2e"
-- paraphrasing Miles Traer on the Mozilla IRL podcast (season 5, episode 3)

NETURE.ORG aspires towards an Internet that is less resource- and energy-hungry, respects user data privacy and operates on transparency as a business model.

However, running data centers on renewable power sources is not enough to address the growing energy use of the Internet including the continuously growing hardware demands and their short life-cycles.

With full appreciation for sun and wind generated energy, we are dedicated to support a low-energy and low CO2 footprint Internet by designing and hosting small-in-file-size, static and beautiful websites.

NETURE.ORG is a cooperatively run consulting and web hosting initiative - operated out of Australia and Germany.

email: info (at) neture.org