An interactive installation composed of light, words and sound based on the diaries and private letters of Oskar Schlemmer

On stage Oskar Schlemmer brought the painting in motion. His costume designs and space compositions taught the abstract form language of painting to jump and run. With the Bauhaus artist Oskar Schlemmer the theatre found connection with the artistic avantgarde of that time. The diarist Schlemmer is a witty and seismographic observer of a nervous epoch between the world wars aside from propaganda and party lines. He reveals his uncertainess, his doubts as modern protagonist at the breaking point of tradition and innovation.

The Circle is red is an interactive light and sound installation. The project was conceived and dramaturgically supervised by Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier. The listening environment by Ulrike Haage is based on the letters and diaries of Oskar Schlemmer. The Circle is red was produced for the Crash!Boom!Bau! Festival at the Nalepa Studios in Berlin.  In this radio play the actors Leslie Malton and Gerd Wameling perform as the speaking voices. The light designer Mattjakob dal Pozzo created a versatile spatial light zone, with which he will interact with live during the performance. (“The Circle is red”, quote: Oskar Schlemmer, diary Octobre 1923)


Composition/radio play: Ulrike Haage (D)
Concept/dramaturgy: Jan H. Brüggemeier (D)
Light design: Matt Jakob dal Pozzo (I/GB)
Voice/radio play: Leslie Malton (US/D)
Voice/radio play: Gerd Wameling (D)
Sound engineer: Philipp Reitberger (D)


with the friendly support of U. Jaïna Schlemmer and C. Raman Schlemmer, Oggebbio, Italy (The Oskar Schlemmer Theatre Estate)

Photo Credit

Anke Neugebauer, 2009

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