My City is a Hungry Ghost is a dense collage of language, sound and video, which oscillates between moments of introspection and political articulation. It is designed as a four channel video loop including a Mini FM radio transmitter. In an installation comprised of video screens and hundreds of tiny loud speakers, Jan will be broadcasting and receiving his own radio transmission from within the gallery.

My City is a Hungry Ghost is based on found excerpts from a variety of literary sources revolving around the issue communication at the nexus of media, politics and subjectivity.

The content of the video is based on a montage of four voices each represented by one actor standing or sitting in an empty room with one chair. Each actor is brought to light when her or his voice is heard or otherwise stays in the dark and is only lit by the light of passing cars falling through venetian blinds. While remaining silent for themselves, they let us tune into their thoughts and inner monologues. And as the four monologues expand, a larger conversation unfolds investigating poetics and politics contemporary urban life.

Italo Calvino’s “The Invisible Cities” served as first inspiration for My City is a Hungry Ghost. Calvino’s description of the City of Melania was of particular fascination. Melania is reported to be the place for an ever continuing dialogue among generations of denizens. Although through its course the participants may die and new participants are born and take their place in one role or another. Re-contextualising Calvino’s Melania, ‘My City is a Hungry Ghost‘ is an re-enactment of found excerpts from a variety of literary sources* revolving around the issue communication in the making at the nexus of media, politics and subjectivity.

Watch the full length video as a four-in-one screen adapted version:
Use the embedded video player at the top or alternatively use the direct vimeo link (27’22”).

Listen to the soundtrack of the installation (27’22”)

Text References / Sources of Inspiration

  • Invisible Committee, The Coming Insurrection, 2007
  • Barbara O’Brien, Operators and Things, 1958
  • Piotr Czerski, We, the Web Kids; 2012
  • Anthony G. Banet, Jr.; Interview with Wilfred R. Bion; Los Angles, April 1976

unrelated relatedness

My City is a Hungry Ghost is together with planet ocean and Nature in the Dark part of the unrelated relatedness series. Each work brings into play the different elements, tactics or technologies that we employ in our search to unify the inner and outer worlds that we inhabit.

This series is part of Jan’s creative Ph.D in Media Arts at the Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe University, in which he is investigating the phenomena of contemporary sound and communication practice and environmental aesthetics.
Ph.D title: From Sound to Waves to Territories, supervisors: Norie Neumark, Hugh Davies.


This is a production 2012/3.

Concept / Direction: Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier
Sound design: Jan Bartholomaeus
Director of Photography: Scott Lewis, Zoopatrol / Melbourne
Multimedia programming: Zsolt Barat, Softmonsters / Berlin
Post-Production / Compositing: Curtis Moyes, Green Brain Media / Melbourne
Installation design: Silvana Iannello / Melbourne


Female Voice 1: Tracey Callander
Male Voice 1: Garth Ernstzen
Female Voice 2: Marita May Dyson
Male Voice 1: Jez P.A. Speelman

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Independent Interactive Radio/Chat/Multi-Media Community

Contributors from: Canada, Japan, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, France, Spain, Finland, Scotland, USA and more

From 2001 to 2006 Jan Brueggemeier has been an audio/visual programme maker for DFM.

DFM is a free interactive radio/chat/multi-media community. Its main studio is located in Amsterdam. DFM has been a constant presence on the Dutch and international media scenes since the 1980s.

The programs have been transmitted live via the Internet and have been co-ordinated between various media-stations and platforms simultaneously.

Jan Brueggemeier is currently taking his sabbatical-year(s).

Project website:

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From 2000 – 2006 Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier has been founding member and one of the driving forces of the webcast band pingfm. has been a web based platform for audio/video experiments with impetus on live production of audio and video.

Throughout its active phase the members of pingfm were fascinated by three aspects of streaming and networked media: their low-bandwidth aesthetic, their global interaction and their potential to hybridise different media and spaces like club, theatre, concert, installation, radio, cinema and performance.

Back in those early days live audio/video streaming felt strangely anachronistic in comparison to the more general trend in digital production and its increasing high fidelity. Live-streaming instead meant to one had to:
a.) lower and reduce one’s sound and video quality and not to increase it and
b.) to face what ADILKNO had called “electronic loneliness” because online audiences were more diverse and at times more or less global but still rather marginal in terms of listener numbers.

In order to compensate for that pingfm organised live performances, festivals and conferences like the ping-in-progress-festival in Weimar (2001). pingfm was involved in the preparation and participated in the NO BORDER-Camp Radio in Strasbourg (2002). It received the Bauhaus University Award and participated in the online event series ‘Fusion’ organised by Jill Scott (aside others). It performed at the Webcastlounge at the ART Frankfurt (2001) organised by Station R.O.S.E. Together with Theaterhaus Weimar pingfm hosted the Sleep-Camp at the Kunstfest Weimar (2001). And together with the artist-duo radioqualia pingfm was topic of discussion on the empyre-mailinglist. In 2004 it participated in the Ars Electronica’s long night of radio-art, organised by the ORF Kunstradio.

pingfm was a member of the Dutch webcast station DFM rtv International, the British webcaster pirate TV and Radio Kinesonus, the Japanese platform for experimental sound. pingfm hosted a weekly 2hrs live show on DFM rtv International as well as 1 hr programme slot on the local FM radio.


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(from Mirko Kubein’s website:


It is still hard to describe what it was. Even when we say “ has been a web based platform for audio-video experiments with impetus on live production of audio and video” it says nothing about it. We met at the chair for Experimental Radio at Bauhaus University Weimar in 2000 and performed more than 70 streaming sessions with international partners until I left the group in November 2001.

I was totally fascinated by the low-bandwidth aesthetic of the early video on the internet technology. When we invited artists from all-around the globe to stream their matchbox-small videos directly to a big cinema screen via the internet we called it “made for fullscreen”. That motto is still guiding me. And based on my experiences with streaming media I later created the experimental streaming films When Bogart Was Belmondo and Losing A Highway.

Since we have celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2010 we are working on a detailed documentation of the project. You can read my first notes here (only in german).

// Experimental Lab for Audio-Video-Streaming / Approximately 200 hours RealMedia / Project at Bauhaus University Weimar / Member from October 2000 to November 2001 / With Jan Brüggemeier, Lars Mai, Sebastian Seidel, Ute Waldhausen, Zsolt Barat, Mirko Kubein //

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