MEDIA ABOVE & BEYOND .. (strategic media deployment conference)

Crossing the borders, leaving the context: what happens when artists change their brush and easel with a soldering iron?

In 2002 Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier was core organiser and curator of Media above & beyond.

Media above & beyond was held in Weimar in July (12th – 19th) 2002  and was organised by,, with an active participation of international media practitioners, theorists and activists coming from:

  • Lo-Res (Vienna)
  • Tape-beatles (Prague)
  • Heath Bunting (Cube / Bristol)
  • Patrice Riemens (De Waag, The Center for Old and New Media / Amsterdam)
  • ASCII (Amsterdam)
  • Ilja Gerhart (EGO City / Zurich)
  • Joe Davis (MIT / Cambridge, USA)

The Conference continued later the same week at the NoBorder Camp, held in Strasbourg. The experiences and the shared knowledge were applied in supporting the media infrastructures temporarily organised for the NoBorder Camp. A radio-studio was set up with a FM transmitter and WLan access points, as well as internet-cafe with free internet and GNU/Linux powered computers. Geert Lovink, a media critic, and members of the Sarai New Media Collective from New Delhi – India, joined the conference participants to exchange experiences and establish a future co-operation in a newly created social network.

The conference was conceived context-wise of a follow-up in a series of similar meetings and conferences that proceeded in the last 3 years, such as Conncect Congress in Zurich, Tech2 in Bristol, ping-in-progress in Weimar, HAL-2001 (Hackers at Large) in Twente, ASU II – Art Servers Unlimited in Labin, Next 5 Minutes in Amsterdam. Our intention is to continue this way, connecting, supporting and creating international media networks, promoting Open Source software and spreading the concepts and knowledge of tactical media.

Media above & beyond made possible with the support of the Thuringian Ministry for Science, Research and Art, the Student Union of the Bauhaus University Weimar, the Experimental Radio Department of the Bauhaus University Weimar, and the art-space Gaswerk.

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  • borderXing (border crossing) – tackling the problem of internal and external European borders – an art project by Heath Bunting and the Tate Modern, UK
  • Genetic Art – merging art and applied gene-science – the work of Joe Davis as a resident artist of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA
  • Art with electronics of your everyday life – Expanded Cinema  / Audio- Video Performance by Tape-beatles, CZ
  • Philosophy of the “Do-It-Yourself”- Culture and cultural Activism – lecture and discussion with Patrice Riemens, MC / NL
  • A View on alternative Media and Future of Media as Technologies become more available to independent Groups, Organisations and Individuals – lecture and discussion with Patrice Riemens, MC / NL


  • Explaining the urban strategic deployment of Wireless-Lan equipment and basic technological principals of operating antennas, access points and servers – lecture and discussion with Ilja Gerhart, CH
  • Applying Wireless Internet (WLan) and enabling local and remote broadcasts of various media and artistic events in real time to the WWW and local re-broadcasting schemes – lecture and workshop with Ilja Gerhart and ASCII, CH / NL
  • Explaining the principles of FM and mini-FM Broadcasts – lecture and workshop with ASCII, NL)
  • Hands-on Practice on Open Source Operating- System GNU / Linux – workshop with ASCII, NL
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