SCHILLERMOB – Thrilling Figures: Lawless Sound Thieves and Picture Robbers

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From May until June 2005 John Heck (Tape-beatles), Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier (pingfm), Daniel Ziethen and Sebastian Rallo conceived and executed a row of workshops on STREET-ART and AUDIO/VIDEO-Collage with Thuringian teenagers from 14 to 18 years old at the Cops+Robbers Festival in Weimar.

Departing from the call of the French Revolution (“fraternité, liberté, egalité”), today the word “free” is influenced by the commercial sense meaning “gratis”, or “free in price”.

Theft as a form of illegal appropriation appears in problems in current production techniques and the production of culture in the areas of media and music. The discussion about rights of usage in media development (music downloads) plays as much of a role here as contemporary music techniques, for example sampling different sound fragments to make a new piece of music.

Schiller’s robber figures are an interesting parallel in this respect, since they also decided to lead an ostensibly illegal way of life. Their motivation for this came from idealism and love of freedom however. Subsequent to this is Schiller’s idea of the importance role of aesthetics in society as a regulator.

Aesthetics are however always something to be shared, to be adopted, borrowed, taken, stolen and copied. This implies that every artwork is theft, adoption or predation of intellectual images and ideas. It does not become criminal through theft, but through assertion of ownership. The increasing commercialisation and exclusivity of common goods such as culture and language make Schiller’s artistic autonomy appear utopian.SCHILLERMOB flyer front

Workshop orientation:

Next to the aesthetic approach to the theme of theft, the workshop deals with the question of where culture takes place nowadays and which “intellectual” niches are still free to be occupied alongside the omnipresent advertisements.

The workshop consists of a group of teenagers who divide themselves up into the two areas of streetart and audio/video collage. Next to the practical introduction to the two disciplines, certain challenges and questions will be addressed in the entire group or in sub-groups.schillermob flyer back

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