Responsive phenomenlogy (B. Waldenfels)

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In his book “Grundmotive einer Phaenomenlogie des Fremden” German philosopher Bernhard Waldenfels addresses the phenomenon of the strange / alien

The strange has a very specific position which is extraordinary or beyond the order or organisation or more precisely in between the borders of different orders. Waldenfels therefore very philosophically wonders how we can approach the strange or alien while not already neutralising and denying its challenges and demands through our manner of approaching it.

If you ask me, I would think that is a very good question but it also ties in with the second aspect of my PhD work the idea of imaginative leaks. It is also interesting to compare it with the be-a-friend trends in social media.

Bernhard Waldenfels, Grundmotive einer Phaenomenlogie des Fremden, Suhrkamp, Frankfurt/M, 2006

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