steamy radiosauna

graphic design: Daniel Guischard

Don’t strip your clothes, unzip your communication …

For the Meteor-Festival in Bergen, Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier produced the RADIOSAUNA performance together with the architect Daniel Guischard.

The RADIOSAUNA is an art installation for the public space and a common hotspot for social interaction and exchange in the city.

A mobile sauna (Finnish style) was positioned on a public square close to the harbour in Bergen, Norway. The sauna was equipped with microphones inside. The conversations inside and the atmospheric noises of the public sauna sessions were transmitted live on the local radio and online.

The RADIOSAUNA aimed to explore the similarities as well as the contradictions that unfold today in our distinction of the local and the global and the private and the public.

It combined the experience of traditional social places like the bathhouse or the sauna with the modern means of telecommunication and new media. It offered one possible notion of what a neighbourhood community action could feel like in the beginning of the 21st Century.

Listen to a playlist of audio snippets from the RADIOSAUNA sessions

Single bits of audio from the RADIOSAUNA sessions

# Singing

# Poetry round

# Chatting (excerpt 1)

# Moderation

# Chatting (excerpt 2)

# My loneliness is killing me’

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