Radio series (Wolfgang Hagen)

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Series as radio format

According to Wolfgang Hagen, German media scholar and director of the national radio Deutschlandradio, was the format of the series born in the early North-American amateur radio as a practical result of its time and technical condition.

The radio amateurs movement in the US grew too big to be regulated by the Congress right away. A few frequencies were shared by several parties including naval emergency calls, therefore the act of transmitting did always include the listening out and relaying of others. Technical it was based on the principal of call and call-back and in terms of legislation it was more understood as wireless telephony.

The North-American situation for example was completely different to the European situation, where its was top-down state affair. Although back in the day every receiver could easily could be turned into a transmitter. Something Bertold Brecht was very aware of. And back then already a legitimate reason for house searches by the police.

Source: Serialisierung des Radios – Serialisierung von Radio-Kunst? (last access: 8. August 2011)

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