planet ocean
planet ocean @ VAC

planet ocean is a sound collage of underwater recordings and voice excerpts from Graham Hawkes. Hawkes is a former civilian ocean engineer, who has devoted most of the past three decades to designing, building — and finding someone to pay for — a submarine capable of cruising the deepest reaches of the ocean.The sounds used in this collage are comprised of underwater recordings of the ocean. It includes underwater earthquakes, submarine test transmissions, seals as well as terrestrial animals that use echolocation for their orientation (in this case recordings of Victorian bats). All sounds were kept in their original state, no sound processing.

unrelated relatedness series

planet ocean is together with My City is a Hungry Ghost and Nature in the Dark part of the unrelated relatedness series, which Jan exhibited at the VAC in Bendigo, Australia. Each work brings into play the different elements, tactics or technologies that we employ in our search to unify the inner and outer worlds that we inhabit.

This series is part of Jan’s creative Ph.D in Media Arts at the Centre for Creative Arts, La Trobe University, in which he is investigating the phenomena of contemporary sound and communication practice and environmental aesthetics. Ph.D title: From Sound to Waves to Territories, supervisors: Norie Neumark, Hugh Davies.


This is a production 2013.

Concept/ Idea: Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier
Installation design: Silvana Iannello
Sound design: Jan Bartholomaeus
Photo credit: Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier / Silvana Iannello

Text link to the video: planet ocean

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