Values for our regenerative business practice.

This is a work-in-progress model for a regenerative business practice. We are basing it on our adaption of the accounting concept of the “six capitals”, which we extended to the “seven wealths”.

Nature/Planet Planting more trees and native vegetation by 2020
Humans in Organisation Contributing to livelihood, supportive working culture by 2020
INTELLECTUAL Open sourcing R’n’D on-going
SOCIAL / RELATIONAL Enabling low carbon communication on-going
CULTURE DIY and low carbon cultural practice, raising funds for the LOW←TECH-MAGAZIN patreon campaign by 2021
MANUFACTURED Life-cycle analysis hardware used by 2022
FINANCIAL to become a financial viable organisation, investing in low carbon R’n’D by 2021

email: info (at) neture.org

Last updated: Fr 25 Oktober 2019