Useful Resources

  • links to renewable web hosting solution
  • project documentation
  • partner organisations

UN carbon footprint calculator (https://offset.climateneutralnow.org/footprintcalc)

LOW<--TECH Magazine (https://solar.lowtechmagazine.com/) questions the belief in technological progress, and highlights the potential of past knowledge and technologies for designing a sustainable society.

Pelican (https://docs.getpelican.com/) is a simple static blog generator.

Ecosia (https://www.ecosia.org/) is like any other search engine, with one major difference: they use their profits to plant trees.

The BSG (https://www.bsg.org.au) is home to number of action groups who work on specific sustainability issues in the greater Bendigo area (AUS).

Collapse OS (https://collapseos.org/) - what hardware will we have access to once the shit really hits the fan?

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