People working at the project

Zsolt Barat (softmonsters.com) is soft- and hardware developer based in Berlin. Zsolt and Jan met at art school in the late 1990s participating independent net art projects. Since then Zsolt has been running his own web server providing a lot of indy art projects and other non-commercial projects with web space either for free or at very low mates rates.

Jan Brueggemeier started NETURE.ORG in 2004 as Internet art project but now feels that a solar-powered low energy internet project is an apt and way better use this for it. In 2010 he moved to Australia and joined the Commoners Coop in 2018. His new found home offers the strategic advantage to maximise sunlight hours between Germany and Australia, which is why we are interested in developing distributed cluster solutions for solar-powered Internet.

Rob Eales is an industrial designer based in Melbourne with a deep passion for open source hardware and recycling. He runs Farm Hacks and is co-director of the Commoners Coop, where he met Jan and together they run a workshop consisting of two very robust Heidelberg Letterpress plus a Chandler & Price press as well as a 3d-printer.

email: info (at) neture.org

Last updated: Fr 25 Oktober 2019