The New Media panel of the final HERMES conference (5-8 Oct 2006): Heritage and New Media – Contributing towards Integration and Regional Development.



The background of this workshop is the evaluation of the concrete work of the “Heritage Radio Network” over the passed two years.

Main concerns of this workshop are:
– What are possible models of online journalism on a European level?
– Which coalitions can be shared in the cultural field?
– If there are modes for a European journalism, how does one address a European target group?
– Which media, which formats and which languages are favored here?

The Panel is conceived and organised by Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier, coordinator of the Heritage Radio Network.


The Heritage Radio Network is a part of the EU-project HERMES. “HERMES” stands for Cultural Heritage and New Media for sustainable Develpoment. It was funded by the Interreg III B (Cadses). The Classic Foundation Weimar has been the HERMES leadpartner. website:



Anna Riepe (policy consultant, Brussels / B)
EU cultural politics as a black box? Some insights to policies and funding

Douglas Arellanes (Media Development Loan Fund // CAMP, Prague / CZ)
Criteria and examples of sustainable (new) media work in Europe

Thorsten Schilling (German Federal Agency for Civic Education, Berlin / D)
European Journalism for journalists and who else?

~~ first resume and short coffee break ~~

Pierre-Yves Tribolet (European Broadcasting Union, EBU)
Cultural bridges built by Public radios. How does it work backstage?

Uta Thofern (Deutsche Welle, Bonn / D)
Deutsche Welle in the age of Internet and new media

Hatto Fischer (Poiein kai Prattein, Athens / GR)
From ‘GO ON’ to Heritageradio – a simple reflection of the development of audiences via Internet

~~ second resume and short coffee break ~~

Dirk de Wit (Initiative for Audiovisual Art, IAK, Brussels / B)
What is the next level? – evaluation of the HRN

~~ final discussion round ~~

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