The Living Systems (Maturana, Verden-Zoeller)

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from:  Biology of Love (paper), By Humberto Maturana Romesin and Gerda Verden-Zoller, Opp, G.: Peterander, F. (Hrsg.): Focus Heilpadagogik, Ernst Reinhardt, Munchen/Basel 1996. [pdf]

The authors state:

The Living Systems

That we are living systems means that we are structure determined systems, that we operate at every moment according to our structure at that moment, and that nothing external to us can specify what happens in us as a result of our interactions in a medium. External agents can only trigger in us structural changes determined in us. Moreover, the structure of a living system is not fixed, it changes according to its own internal dynamics and following the course of the structural changes triggered in it by its recurrent interactions in the medium.

The Evolutionary Process

In this evolutionary process, living systems and medium change together in a systemic manner following the path of recurrent interactions in which their reciprocal dynamic structural congruence (adaptation) is conserved. The result is that a living system of a particular kind lives as long as its living contributes to create the conditions in which its particular manner of living is realized and conserved, or it dies as a living system or the manner of living that defines it, stops being conserved and a new kind of living system arises.

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