pingfm‘ music was used for the exhibition audio guide on:

Gulag: Traces and Testimonies 1929–1956

The exhibition is the first in Germany to present relics of and testimonies to the Soviet camp system collected by the “Memorial” human rights organization all over the former Soviet Union from the 1980s to the present.

The exhibition project seeks answers to the following question: How can the Gulag – a penal camp system already described by its contemporaries as the “quintessence” of Soviet tyranny – be described, how can it be comprehended in all of its dimensions? Voices of people who experienced it first-hand and biographies of former inmates accompany visitors on their exploration of this remote archipelago and create a panorama of the Soviet camp system. Objects from the “Memorial” holdings – for example a makeshift bread pouch, a tattered dress or a metal grave tag – make the everyday lives of the camp inmates tangible. The exhibition website presents a selection of significant objects and biographies.

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“Eine Negative Schule des Lebens” (A negative School of Life)

concept: Ronald Hirte
voices: Xenia Noetzelmann, Philipp Oehme, Ulla Willick
dramaturge: Rafal Jove
sound engineer: Burkhrad Blum (Radio Lotte Weimar)
music: pingfm
language coach: Elena Petuhova
editors: Ronald Hirte, Julia Landau
design: Frieder Fragt, werkraum media Weimar

A production of the Buchenwald and Mittelbau-Dora Memorials Foundation, Weimar 2012