On the pile of rubble of information, speculation and desires, not finished lines of thought, stories only incompletely told and anecdotes from a post modern approach to the subject of airship travel, or put in other words: in the light of failure, accidents and fantasms … the fact still remains that these airships managed reasonably well to establish a regular global air service for a couple of years and once airborne with an absolutely stunning scenic view.”

Friedrich Liechtenstein and Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier take it from there, and throughout the show they develop this fragile but grand airy castle of splendour: The Big Golden Zeppelin. But this time in order to come back the Zeppelin must be bigger than its predecessors and golden.

Amusing as well as touching and during the performance one is tempted to think from time to time: … why not?

Liechtenstein and Brüggemeier are very seriously dedicated to it – no question. This radio-play, which is partly a collage and partly a documentation of a series of real events. It includes footage from a very hot summer day in the German City of Dessau in Saxony-Anhalt, editorial commentary, kitchen conversations, telephone call ins, music and bits of original recordings. All put together in a classic radio feature style. This mix of spontaneous ideas and sensible thoughts leaves us on a roller-coaster ride through the cosmos of the Big Golden Zeppelin and how Liechtenstein and Brüggemeier understand it.”

This performance was conceived as a staged conversation between Friedrich Liechtenstein and Jan Hendrik Brüggemeier in the style of a radio feature show. This co-production of the Anhaltisches Theatre Dessau and the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation (“Funk Project”) appeared live on local TV as well as on stage in Dessau, Germany.

Listen to The Big Golden Zeppelin (53’30”) — work-in-progress:


— brilliant — loved the text, the sound design, the montage, and most of all the philosophical ambition, delivered not with hammers but with humor. well done, and keep playing!
Gregory Whitehead, 2011

Photo credit: video stills from the TV appearance 2010

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