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DFM Radio/Television Int

Two live audio webcasts from two consecutive Sunday nights in 2005 for the Amsterdam-based independent webcast station DFM rtv Int from

The first one was a so called ‘translocally’ (Tetsuo Kogawa) improvised show, which means that different locations were involved. In this case it were Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier & Jiri Plachy in Berlin jamming together with Lars Mai in Weimar, 2 hrs run time:

The second one took place one week later when Jan did a solo show from Weimar in the style of an electronic music meditation over the three voices of the poets — Jack Kerouac, Ingeborg Bachmann and William S. Burroughs — 1.15 run time:

Three short snippets from live audio webcasts

Other bits and pieces from a pingfm Sunday night webcast on DFM rtv Int  from October 19th 2003:

Live on DFM on October 19th 2003 – Part I:

Live on DFM on October 19th 2003 – Part II:

Live on DFM on October 19th 2003 – Part III:

Note: As pingfm advocated the application and practice of free media, we chose for the radio shows the open and patent-free OGG VORBIS audio codec instead of MP3 which is shipped closed source and patented.

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