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Ghost in the Machine by pingfm

(from Mirko Kubein’s website:


It is still hard to describe what it was. Even when we say “ has been a web based platform for audio-video experiments with impetus on live production of audio and video” it says nothing about it. We met at the chair for Experimental Radio at Bauhaus University Weimar in 2000 and performed more than 70 streaming sessions with international partners until I left the group in November 2001.

I was totally fascinated by the low-bandwidth aesthetic of the early video on the internet technology. When we invited artists from all-around the globe to stream their matchbox-small videos directly to a big cinema screen via the internet we called it “made for fullscreen”. That motto is still guiding me. And based on my experiences with streaming media I later created the experimental streaming films When Bogart Was Belmondo and Losing A Highway.

Since we have celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2010 we are working on a detailed documentation of the project. You can read my first notes here (only in german).

// Experimental Lab for Audio-Video-Streaming / Approximately 200 hours RealMedia / Project at Bauhaus University Weimar / Member from October 2000 to November 2001 / With Jan Brüggemeier, Lars Mai, Sebastian Seidel, Ute Waldhausen, Zsolt Barat, Mirko Kubein //

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