street in plagwitz, 2004

Starting point for the neture – series was Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier’s MfA (German university diploma) project at the chair for Experimental Radio at the Bauhaus University in Weimar (2004) called: nEture

nEture was an artistic study of media and architectural interventions in urban planning using the example of Leipzig-Plagwitz in Germany.

Intention was to initiate media practices in a neighbourhood context in times of shrinking common public life in a city. It aimed to demonstrate that this differs from the usual approach taken by local authorities wishing to improve the image of the city without heeding to the need for a vital communication, which is itself crucial if sustainable development is to be achieved.

The nEture catalogue is the documentation of the diploma project and contains a radio feature (89’50”) including interviews with artists, architects and theorists like

as well as sound design from Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier and pingfm.

nEture has been presented at the Westend-Festival in Leipzig 2005.

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