Most of my art works and collaborative projects are sonic explorations: sound tracks, audio/video installations as well as radio works. They revolve around the creative challenge to present something invisible like sound in “space” and the relation between these visible and invisible spaces. This includes working with the built environment of a cityscape and urban media-spheres. To organise project networks and the production of events are a vital part of my wider artistic practice, which led me to the curating of a number festivals and other art events. It all started off with an enthusiasm for independent, self-created and -organized projects and media platforms. To curate art events then provided the intriguing opportunity to meet face-to-face with online collaborators, whom I previously only had worked remotely, as well as other interesting and inspiring people.

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Das andere Ich (Kurzhoerspiel)

The other me (short radio play), in German

Regie / directors – Wolfgang Born / Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier
Dramaturgie / dramaturge – Wolfgang Born
Musik / music – Jan Bartholomaeus
Stimme / voice – Dunja Funke

Gesendet auf ORF2 und Studio B11, Experimentelles Radio der Bauhaus Universitaet Weimar
‘The other me’ was aired on ORF2 (Austria) and the Experimental Radio of Bauhaus University Weimar (Germany)


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DFM Radio/Television Int

Two live audio webcasts from two consecutive Sunday nights in 2005 for the Amsterdam-based independent webcast station DFM rtv Int from

The first one was a so called ‘translocally’ (Tetsuo Kogawa) improvised show, which means that different locations were involved. In this case it were Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier & Jiri Plachy in Berlin jamming together with Lars Mai in Weimar, 2 hrs run time:

The second one took place one week later when Jan did a solo show from Weimar in the style of an electronic music meditation over the three voices of the poets — Jack Kerouac, Ingeborg Bachmann and William S. Burroughs — 1.15 run time:

Three short snippets from live audio webcasts

Other bits and pieces from a pingfm Sunday night webcast on DFM rtv Int  from October 19th 2003:

Live on DFM on October 19th 2003 – Part I:

Live on DFM on October 19th 2003 – Part II:

Live on DFM on October 19th 2003 – Part III:

Note: As pingfm advocated the application and practice of free media, we chose for the radio shows the open and patent-free OGG VORBIS audio codec instead of MP3 which is shipped closed source and patented.

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Ghost in the Machine by pingfm

(from Mirko Kubein’s website:


It is still hard to describe what it was. Even when we say “ has been a web based platform for audio-video experiments with impetus on live production of audio and video” it says nothing about it. We met at the chair for Experimental Radio at Bauhaus University Weimar in 2000 and performed more than 70 streaming sessions with international partners until I left the group in November 2001.

I was totally fascinated by the low-bandwidth aesthetic of the early video on the internet technology. When we invited artists from all-around the globe to stream their matchbox-small videos directly to a big cinema screen via the internet we called it “made for fullscreen”. That motto is still guiding me. And based on my experiences with streaming media I later created the experimental streaming films When Bogart Was Belmondo and Losing A Highway.

Since we have celebrated our 10th anniversary in 2010 we are working on a detailed documentation of the project. You can read my first notes here (only in german).

// Experimental Lab for Audio-Video-Streaming / Approximately 200 hours RealMedia / Project at Bauhaus University Weimar / Member from October 2000 to November 2001 / With Jan Brüggemeier, Lars Mai, Sebastian Seidel, Ute Waldhausen, Zsolt Barat, Mirko Kubein //

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DFM Radio/Television Int

RADIO PALIMPSEST (10 pingfm audio remixes by jan_ping aka jan bartholomaeus)

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pause'n'play untitled a

pingfm solo-exhibition at the CCBA Recife (BR)

>|< pause ‘n’ play

The exhibition was dedicated to the idiosyncratic aesthetic of streaming video.

It showed 35 prints (A0) and short video-clips of internet transmissions by the artist collective

Live-Streaming is the live transmission of audio and video data via the Internet. For the sake of global accessibility the volume of the data has to be kept as low as possible. To achieve this the video and audio data has to undergo heavy compression. This causes a vivid deformation of the original data.

In the work of pingfm the members has been fascinated by streaming media because of its particular aesthetic, the global interaction and the intersections to other media and locations.

Italian article on

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DFM Radio/Television Int

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In 2001 Jan Brueggemeier was a core organiser and curator of ping in progress. It was a one-week media-festival dedicated to CRITICAL NET CULTURE and FREE MEDIA.

The lectures’, presentations’, workshops’ and arts’ focus was laid on streaming and networked media.

The Experimental Radio Department of the Bauhaus University Weimar and the webcast platform invited theorists, artists and activists to participate physically in this event.


  • ASCII ( digital activists, Amsterdam )
  • Josephine Bosma ( media theorist, Amsterdam )
  • DFM RTV INT ( media artists, Amsterdam )
  • Micz Flor ( Center of advanced Media, Prague )
  • Fritz von Klinggräff / Nils Röller ( media theorists, Weimar/Cologne )
  • indymedia germany ( alternative media network )
  • mama ( Multimedia Institute, Zagreb )
  • Stefan Merten ( free software theorist, Kaiserslautern )
  • Sasker Scheerder ( media artist, Amsterdam )
  • Pit Schultz ( net activist, Berlin )
  • Station R.O.S.E. ( media artists, Frankfurt/M )
  • Theophilius Emiowele Osezua ( social activist, Weimar )

Most of the program was broadcast live on the experimental radio of the Bauhaus University on 106.6 MHz.

The complete program was webcasted live (audio/video) on

The ping in progress-festival was made possible with the support of the Thuringian Ministry for Science, Research and Art, the Student Union of the Bauhaus University Weimar, the Experimental Radio department of Bauhaus University Weimar, pingfm and the art space Gaswerk.

Website: (offline)


Monday, July 2nd – CET

14:00 press conference
20:00 reception of the exhibition “bewegungsfreiheit” (freedom to move) with Nine Budde, Mareike Maage, Jens Maier-Rothe, Johannes Mayr, Stephan A. Schmidt, Oliver Thuns

Tuesday, July 3rd – CET

15:00-19:00 workshop: streaming basics (Lars Mai, Weimar)
20:00-22:00 webcast-session: pingfm and the workshop-participants

Wednesday, July 4th – CET

14:00 presentation: indymedia germany (Nadine X., Hamburg)
15:00 presentation: radio f.r.e.i. (Carsten Rose, Erfurt)
16:00 presentation: the v.o.i.c.e. Jena (Theophilus, Nigeria), following discussion
19:00 workshop: build your own mini-fm-transmitter (Oliver Thuns, Weimar)
22:00 dj-act

Thursday, July 5th – CET

10:30 lecture: ernst haeckel – one medusa and five radiolaria (Nils Röller & Fritz von Klinggräff, Cologne/Weimar)
14:00 lecture: introduction to the GPL society (Stefan Merten, Oekonux, Kaiserslautern)
15:00 presentation: (Pit Schultz, Berlin)
16:00 presentation: ASCII (Amsterdam), following discussion
20:00 workshop: linux (ASCII, Amsterdam)
22:00 dj-act

Friday, July 6th – CET

14:00 lecture: consensus of the inbetween spaces (Micz Flor, CAMP, Prague / Berlin)
15:00 presentation: Station R.O.S.E. (E. Rose & G. Daner, Frankfurt / M)
16:00 presentation: mama (Zeljko Blace , Zagreb)
17:00 presentation: DFM Radio Television International (T03K, Amsterdam), following discussion
20:00 webcast-session: pingfm and guests

Saturday, July 7th – CET

10:30 lecture/workshop: target practice, or how to -use- your mikro-fm transmitter (Josephine Bosma, Sasker Scheerder & Harv Stanic, Amsterdam)
15:00 performance: target practice (Josephine Bosma, Sasker Scheerder & Harv Stanic, Amsterdam)
22:00 live-concerts: percussion formation of the v.o.i.c.e. (Jena), frais chocolate (Hamburg), laserbug (Hamburg), mama (Zagreb)

Sunday, July 8th – CET

14:00 open slot
18:00-4:00 live-webcast from Weimar: DFM Radio Television International
22:00 open end party

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