From August 2010 – August 2011 worked Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier for the Development office of the AA in London to help the School shape its academic and cultural projects. As well as he tutored at the interdisciplinary design studio AA Interprofessional Studio.

The Architectural Association and School

website: www.aaschool.ac.uk

The Architecture Association and School is the world’s most renowned international and 
influential school of architecture and learned society. Since 1847, it has pioneered a belief in architecture as
 profession, culture and form of human enquiry and is credited with fostering the creation of 
worldwide leaders of architecture.

 AA School alumni include architectural leaders Zaha Hadid, Rem Koolhaas, Lord Rogers,
 Will Alsop and many others. Through its unique, year-long, unit based system of teaching,
 direct intervention in cities and its intensively collaborative team based approach to learning,
 the school brings together disconnected worlds, fresh ideas and inspiring insights. The AA
 School is celebrated worldwide as an imaginative setting for architectural culture.

The AA took ownership of HookePark in 2003. It is a sustainable working forest, with award-winning alternative, sustainable structures by leading UK practises (including RIBA Royal Gold Medal-winning architects Frei Otto and Edward Cullinan, an AA Graduate)

The AA Interprofessional Studio (AAIS)

website: www.interprofessionals.net

The AA Interprofessional Studio (AAIS), which was launched in January 2009, is creating a new field of activity for the AA. Working on the margins of art, architecture and performance, the AAIS can reach professions, create partnerships and stimulate students that would not usually have the possibility of working with, or within, the AA. AAIS welcomes students from a very broad range of backgrounds and disciplines including artists, filmmakers, scenographers, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, engineers, product designers and graphic designers as well as managers, teachers and communicators. AAIS is run by Theo Lorenz and Dr. Tanja Siems.

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